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My name is Timo and I like to look good when I attend a transsexual party for the faggots at school . I love sucking tremendously huge and veiny ass cock ring WHEN I WAS i love annette James Loves Annette Who is Annette? Who is James?

Who do they think they are? Perhaps human beings? Who eat and breath. Play frisbee and checkers. Well I don't care for human beings. Not one bit. You thank me for the telephone everytime you talk!

If you don't I will go on a beastial rampage, killing all. Especially the human being. So sorry. I am not full of farts but instead full jet fuel from the Nicaraguan Coast. However, my navel houses endangered termites whose sole purpose is to eliminate the Kool-Aid Man.

All I need is T Tank power-ranger to implode and burn at the local gym. Once I can walk through walls using only a giant inflatable penis. After that I do the Hokey-Pokey and fart constantly. Yesterday I Had to run from the Kool-Aid Man while wearing only my wrestling mask and one pair of bunny ears firmly around my left testicle. Which of my children knitted for me. Yesterday was a celebration of rodents and marshmallow Peeps!!

For one day there will be a raging kegger and a mass dedicated to Shiva dancing the Tandava. Suddenly a whale appeared before Shiva's red Dodge Neon screaming that the global warming bullshit is all a fun and games swimming in antartica Phenomena. So I skipped to Walmart in my banana-hammock. Speaking of bananas, my friend bought a talking snail. hammertime whoooa whoooa , it wailed incessantly.

Snails don't taste very yummy pickled in whale sperm. But they do a body good. just like a Mexican Jumping Bean. This advice didn't tickle my fancy. So instead I began to Waltz to the sound of frogs farting while I shake their legs. Many of them didn't that I secretly wanted to eat a blue star fish. Last week had days in it that were filled with the hours, minutes, seconds

and nanoseconds of lame ASS BULLSHIT Pochahantas had a first name; it's Indian for Cockslob ,It Is "Shesuckumdacock" What's That Smell? It's your ASS!!

this story sucks. It sure does just like TIMO when he wets his nightime pullups with buzzlight year speaking of Timo TbERSvbxRePMeVaZR JkUsRKqSzTgFUXbW brwIhkiEg feels aweful mostly Hi Big Ryan!!!!!!! Swallow splatter dripping down his chin. Brain exlpoding... pain... Once upon a

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