Memorial Day

Memorial Day
Veteran's Cemetery on Memorial Day



Wanna hear the best mashups of this year?
It comes from tanner4105 on the Something Awful Forums

Burning Fart
Tanner4105 Presents
Bad Apollo, I'm Burning Fart IV
Volume Two
No Butts for lmao



4th of July!

Hope you liked the fake update yesterday.

Fake Update - 4th of July


Blonde Joke

Sorry I haven't updated for a while, so I have to share this
blonde joke.

It's hilarious.



So what's a better Halloween costume?

Cast your votes here.

I'm stuck between two. Superman and Super Mario. I basically have all I need for these costumes, sans fake glasses for Superman and white gloves for Mario.

SupermanIf you know me, you know I'm a giant comic nerd. I'm mild mannered and work for a newspaper company. Then after a few beers, I'm known to disappear and go on my own adventures. One vote for Superman.

Super MarioI'm also a rotund gentleman, so Mario's another easy choice. Easy to dress like him, and instantly recognizable. One vote for Super Mario.

So, let me know. Cast a vote.