Today, as I was cutting the crusts off my PB&J, I didn't sing "...I don't think you're ready for this jelly."


Movember 2010

Know what sucks? Cancer.

Know what really sucks for guys? Cancer of the balls and the peepee.

Testicular and prostate cancers are big killers among men. Prostate cancer strikes one in six men and testicular cancer is the most common cancer for men under the age of 35.

That's where Movember comes in.

A "mo" is Australian slang for "mustache." A few years ago, some Australians got together and grew a "mo" in November. They drunkenly raised money and donated it to man cancer research. It became a global change. Nowadays, you start November clean-shaven and grow a mustache. As the days go on and people ask why you look like a creep with a mustache, you can start the conversation about man cancer and let people know how to contribute to man cancer research. You're literally changing the face of men's health. It's like wearing a pink ribbon under your nose all month.

Mo Bros aren't sexist, either. Mo Sistas can raise awareness, support their men, and help to contribute to cancer awareness.

Anyone willing to join my Movember team? Movember.com gives out prizes to cool parties to people who raise nominal amounts of money. If you raise $100, you get a free ticket to the Movember party in Boston. $200 gets you a second ticket.



Jameson’s Third Birthday

Jameson's Third Birthday

Buzz Lightyear
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Fall 2010

Having a great fall so far. Kicked it off by going to the Buffalo-New England game, then headed to New York City for a week.

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More Summer 2010

Uploaded some more phone pictures. Out on the bay, brewing beers, making mead, and King Richard's Faire.
Summer 2010