What a weekend

Okay, so last week sucked as you can see from the post below. This weekend definitely made up for it.


We started off by going to Patty's new house in CT to celebrate Meg and Patty's birthday on Saturday. Unfortunately Meg couldn't stay, so we had to party extra hardy to make up for the festivity's disproportionality. It was going really well until I found out that Patty's house has a dock that goes right out into the ocean. So I pocketed a few beers and partied there for a little while by myself and handled the arduous task of drunk dialing everyone in my cell phone. If I have your number, you got a call. And I apologize. After that, it gets hazy, but I woke up in my underwear with a wet shirt and cake on my face. Sorry to everyone who was there who had to witness a frightening stripshow. And the Bruins won 7-6 in OT.

Here are the rest of the pictures.
And a video:

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God, I hope I'm not turning into that guy at the parties with a camera...

On Sunday, I woke up at 8, drove home, sat down, and got a call from my buddy to go help him move to the other side of the island. By the by, if you have a sofa bed and you're moving, please just leave it there and buy a new sofa at your next house because those things have to be about eight-thousand pounds give-or-take. Pats won 31-28, too, which is a great plus. Got home around 8 and within ten minutes I was out like a light.

Monday, I worked in the morning, came home and chilled with my little cousin, Justin. This little guy is awesome and is the smartest kid I've ever met. And he speaks so well for a two year old. Afterward, Ike and I went to Oktoberfest with an hour to spare. Bratwurst, Knackwurst, Spaten, and Warsteiner. Heavenly. Got home, then went to look at the apartment I'll be moving into next month. My room is badass, let me tell you. Then the next three hours, I had to listen to some loudmouth blather on about Lord know's what. Just kidding, roomie.

Here are more pictures of Justin
Finally got home, and am currently relaxing with a nice, cold Belhaven to my right. What a busy three days. Woo.


What a shitty week for sports

Let's have a look at the home teams this week, shall we?

2 October
NFL: San Diego 41 - New England 17

4 October
MLB: Red Sox 2 - ChiSox 14

5 October
MLB: Red Sox 4 - ChiSox 5
NHL: Canadiens 2 - Bruins 1

7 October
MLB: ChiSox 5 - Red Sox 3
NHL: Bruins 1 - Buffalo 4

What the hell happened? It felt great last year living in New England with the Sox winning the Series and the Pats dominating the NFL and earning another Super Bowl. Then in one week, there are six losses.

Rodney Harrison getting injured for the Pats with Bruschi already out. Graffanino's error keeping Chicago alive. Penalties on the Bruins. Okay, so the last two are really reaching, but I need something.

Hey, at least we get to cherish last year. Now it's back down in the hole.