The Godfather

Here's Jameson at his Christening. He's with Father Barry, his parents, and new godparents.


And here's Jameson getting ready for Super Bowl XLII. We train 'em young in New England country.



New England at Buffalo

Another AFC East win, this time against the Bills 28-6. The Patriots sweep the season series versus the Bills, improve to 5-1 (4-0 in AFC East) and continue to play good football. Brady and his recievers are really starting to mesh which bodes well for the rest of the season.

The defense continue to impress by being tough against the run, forcing turnovers more frequently, and just keeping the opponents out of the endzone.

Tough game next week against the Vikings. With the Colts on the horizon, this can be a tough two game stretch for New England. However, if the team continues to play how they are playing, the Patriots could pull through this stretch with 2 more wins.


Miami at New England

4-1. 3-0 in the AFC East. 22 avg. for/15 avg. against.

Good win today versus the Dolphins (Fags). The defense looked sharp again, recording their lowest points against this season, plus a couple of turnovers (3 I think). Brady and the offense looked like they had their hands full with this Dolphins (Fags) defense. Put the Dolphins (Fags) always play a tough defense against the Patriots.

Good win. The Pats bring a 4-1 record into the Bye Week, not to mention a nice and perfect 3-0 record in the AFC East. Their next game will be against the Bills. A win could vault them to 5-1! 4-0 in the AFC East!!

That could defintely happen.

Go Pats.


New England at Cincinnatti

A pretty nice surprise of how well the Patriots played against the Bengals. With a running game like that, everything looks pretty easy. Maroney is still, in my opinion, the best back taken in the draft (Haha Bush). He runs fast and hard, and breaks a lot of tackles, which is a great talent to have.

At 3-1, the Pats can hopefully head into their Bye Week at 4-1 with a beating of the Dolphins. Also, more importantly, they would be 3-0 in the AFC East, halfway to a perfect division mark. Here's hoping.

Go Pats.


Denver at New England

A little late from last Sunday Night's game. It was painfully obvious that Brady needs some people to throw to. Gabriel looked decent on the touchdown drive (4 catches, including the TD reception). Hopefully that is something to build on.

There is some speculation that NE will trade one of their first rounders (probably the pick Seattle gave them) to Oak for Jerry Porter, who could be a solid #1 reciever for the Pats, and more specifically, Brady.

2-1... Season is still very young. Very tough test against the Bengals today. Hopefully they play well enough to scrap out a win.

Go Pats.