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New York City

Sorry this one is so late.


Last month, my dregs and I went to NYC for a weekend. We went to visit Naoko before she left on the 31st of July. Naoko is an incredible lady I met while I was in Japan. When we got there, we dropped off our bags at her place and headed to South Shore to see some street performers. One guy there stuffed his body in a box and that was his whole show. My friends and I were so tempted to throw the box in the ocean, but figured we would rather hang out in NYC than be thrown in jail for the weekend. After, we headed to a bar.

Later on, we met up with Sully's sister. She has such an awesome apartment. I got to meet the royalty outside of her apartment before enetering. We went to another bar and hung out, then took off for Naoko's restaurant. Cool place. We had some seafood and meat, so everything was cool. Then we called it a night.

Last DayWe got up early the next day, and went to breakfast at some cafe. Our shemale waitress was pretty cool, and they hired the most impressive coke fiend as their busboy. The dude set up each table in the blink of an eye. He definitely snorted a line before each table. After, we headed off for the Eiffel Tower Empire State Building. Of course I was an idiot, so I didn't realize there would be a 45 minute wait on Sundays in the summer to visit the top of the tallest building in New York City.

Later on, we met up with my good buddy, Etsuko, and her friend, Heason. They are awesome girls. We sat there and people-watched for a while before heading off to another bar before leaving for home.

Somehow, despite my expert navigational skills, I got our group lost in Jamaica Queens, home of Fifty Cent; we may have been the only three white dudes in the area. Luckily, we got home, albeit a little late, and everything was okay. Hopefully, the next trip will be just a bit better.

New York City


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