It's been a long time without an update. I've been busy as hell lately and I'll probably be busy for the next few weeks. So in the mean time, here are some new pictures.

PhoneI finally got a new cell phone. My old monochromatic display had such a crack in it that I couldn't even read text messages anymore.

And I text a lot.

So I went out and got the LG VX9800. This phone is incredible and I even have a camera phone now. I'm only a few years behind the curve, but I caught up with this beast. So, of course, I've been abusing the camera with all sorts of weird pictures.

Camera Phone Pictures

Random Tuesday Night. Blood was shed, skulls were cracked, dumpsters were dived... into, beers were consumed, and balls were exposed on pool tables. Just a regular Tuesday night. Here's a small piece of the fallout.

Tuesday Night