Halloween Party Pictures

Hell of a good time. Too bad the Nazi and Chef beat Superman and the American soldier in beer pong twice.

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So I finally have internet access…

I'm back! It's been a little over a month, but I'm here. I was having problems connecting to the internet, but it's all fixed now.

HalloweenSo Halloween has come and gone. According to the 30 of you who voted, more of you wanted to see me as Super Mario. It was a fun night. I think the most surreal moment of the night was at Nickolas' Pizza afterward. A bunch of drunk people grubbing on pizza is an ordinary sight. But this time Super Mario was eating a cheese pizza, Scooby Doo came in to make an order, while the belly dancer was eating french fries, and a gangster sat in the corner. I was cracking up just looking around. I almost got into a fight that night because some guy thought I was giving him dirty looks. Then Scooby Doo chimed in with, "You're gonna get your ass kicked when Luigi shows up." Everyone laughed and the guy took off.

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In other news, I moved into a new apartment with Megan. The place is badass. I'm lovin' it. And yesterday, we got a new roommate. His name's Dozer, and he's four months old. He's a great kitten. When he's awake, he's running around the place like a madman drifting over the floors. And the rest of the time he just sleeps. Awesome cat.

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So what's a better Halloween costume?

Cast your votes here.

I'm stuck between two. Superman and Super Mario. I basically have all I need for these costumes, sans fake glasses for Superman and white gloves for Mario.

SupermanIf you know me, you know I'm a giant comic nerd. I'm mild mannered and work for a newspaper company. Then after a few beers, I'm known to disappear and go on my own adventures. One vote for Superman.

Super MarioI'm also a rotund gentleman, so Mario's another easy choice. Easy to dress like him, and instantly recognizable. One vote for Super Mario.

So, let me know. Cast a vote.