Festival of Meats!

Festival of Meats!

Festival of Meats!
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It's the start of grilling season so I made up some cheeseburgers and tortilla chips for the afternoon.

Photos on Flickr

I started grinding my meat this year. Fresh burger meat all the time. I usually go with about 25% lean sirloin and 75% fatty chuck. I only season the sirloin. Usually give it a rub in some seasoned salt and cajun blend.


Cube it up with the chuck and grind it right before it goes on the grill. Here's a picture of me grinding my meat.

Grinding Meat

Grabbed a great light brioche bun recipe from smitten kitchen. Great site. Here's a picture of my hot buns.

Hot Buns

Then here's my secret. When you normally add your cheese, throw on a slice of salami first. Adds a lot of flavor. I used some horse radish cheddar for an extra kick.

Grilling Meat

The burgers came out great, medium rare, really moist, nice spice. The buns were perfect. And for an added bonus, here's a picture of the fucking gross meat donut I pulled out of the grinder.

Meat Donut