What a shitty week for sports

Let's have a look at the home teams this week, shall we?

2 October
NFL: San Diego 41 - New England 17

4 October
MLB: Red Sox 2 - ChiSox 14

5 October
MLB: Red Sox 4 - ChiSox 5
NHL: Canadiens 2 - Bruins 1

7 October
MLB: ChiSox 5 - Red Sox 3
NHL: Bruins 1 - Buffalo 4

What the hell happened? It felt great last year living in New England with the Sox winning the Series and the Pats dominating the NFL and earning another Super Bowl. Then in one week, there are six losses.

Rodney Harrison getting injured for the Pats with Bruschi already out. Graffanino's error keeping Chicago alive. Penalties on the Bruins. Okay, so the last two are really reaching, but I need something.

Hey, at least we get to cherish last year. Now it's back down in the hole.