Sony S360 Blu Ray

I bought a Sony S360 Blu Ray player a few months ago. It's worked fine since I bought it. Tonight, I checked the network upgrade and saw an upgrade from 1.0.x to 1.4.x It started to download nine updates, so I walked out of the room. I came back to a giant hazard triangle saying there was an error, so I restarted the player. Now there's no signal to the player, and the front panel reads "SYS ERR."

I checked the Sony website and found the Sony tech support phone number:

When I called, the number said the menu had changed and to press 1 for an updated menu. I pressed 1, and got a text to agree to a $10/month + data rate to talk to fake Sony.

So I went back to the Sony site, and checked a live support room. After waiting in line to talk to "Jodi," I sent the background info and was told to call tech support. She gave me the real number:


I called and waited ten minutes to talk to someone. She told me that "SYS ERR" basically means "Spend money to ship the unit back to Sony, you know, the unit that you spent a few hundred dollars to buy that Sony just broke."

After another fifteen minutes, I was given the address.

A quick Google search shows that it's a pretty common problem. Lots of people buy a Sony BDP S360 Blu Ray player, and the upgrade bricks it, they spend money to ship it to Texas, then wait a month until they get a replacement.

I will never buy another Sony product in my life. I hope I can just return this for money and buy a real Blu Ray player from Samsung.

UPDATE 2010-10-14 6:15pm: Sony is willing to budge and go out of their way to email me the shipping label so I won't have to spend money to ship the unit to Sony that Sony broke. Estimate three calendar weeks to fix, possibly another week to ship back to me.

Fuck you, Sony.

UPDATE 2010-10-15 2:00pm: Just received the shipping label in my email. Almost 24 hours to send an email. Amazing support, Sony.

UPDATE 2010-11-19 5:00pm: Got a replacement player in the mail. About six weeks ago, Sony broke my Blu Ray player and I finally have a fixed one now.

Fuck you, Sony.