Team Fortress 2

im so good at video games


Saturday Night

The night started off like any other. We were having some beers at the house and a few people showed up. As the beers continued, The Great Beeramid was erected. And of course, after so many beers, every man's natural destructive side comes out.

The Beeramid must be toppled.

BeeramidA variety of strategies were debated before the initial act was caried through. Donned in a Luchador mask, Matt flew through the air collapsing the aluminum edifice in a single fall. Cans of the felled structure were smashed over his head in celebration.


They say a picture's worth a thousand words. So a video has to be, like, a billion or something. Well, this was my weekend:

Pictures of the night

Download video (6.25 MB)